analysis of the policy(ies)

The Third Step In Our Proven Audit Process

We’re getting closer to finding out if you’re one of the ninety percent of clients for whom we identify better life insurance options. If we don’t, you get priceless reassurance that your coverage is the absolute best it can be.Our comprehensive five-step process continues with our expert analysis:

  • We review all policy information and develop a detailed, complete picture of your current coverage.
  • We contact you to answer any questions prompted by our policy review process.
  • We contact our underwriters to get tentative offers for improving your life insurance coverage. As always, we are dedicated to completely protecting your confidentiality: we strip your identifying information from the files we transfer so that you remain anonymous to our underwriters. Additionally, our underwriters are among the most skillful in the business. It’s becoming a lost art, but we work with the Michelangelos of the medium.
  • We receive tentative offers from underwriters and begin developing recommendations.
  • We evaluate your needs, current coverage and alternatives to see if we can improve your protection in ways you might not have considered. Long-term care riders are just one possibility.
  • We begin preparing our industry-leading comprehensive report that provides helpful background information about life insurance, explains your current coverage and prioritizes options to improve your life insurance.

Statistically, you are one of the ninety percent of clients who get better life insurance options when we analyze your coverage.

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