Are You Overpaying for Coverage

You’re Probably Overpaying for Your Life Insurance.

Could you be paying less for your life insurance? The answer was yes for this lucky client: our audit saved him $751,000 while gaining completely guaranteed death benefits.

No, that is not a misprint. Many clients are paying far more than they should for their life insurance coverage. This unnecessary and very expensive mistake happens for a lot of reasons:

  • Increasing interest rates take a huge bite out of dividends that were supposed to offset premiums, so you pay more premium installments than you expected.
  • You’re paying the same premiums but your policy isn’t accumulating nearly as much cash value as you expected.
  • Between premiums and the changing financial markets, this investment isn’t yielding the gains you counted on.
  • Congratulations! You modified your lifestyle choices and became healthier.
  • Your company transferred a key man policy to you, you aren’t the key man anymore and premiums are still the same.
  • You controlled a chronic condition such as diabetes.
  • You gave up risky hobbies.
  • You suspect you’re paying too much but don’t have time to evaluate complicated policy documents.

For many clients, we find new life insurance options that dramatically lower premium payments while retaining the same coverage – or reduce premiums while adding guarantees and increasing benefits.

Our proven process sorts it all out for you with no risk, little effort on your part, complete confidentiality and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. And we’re legendary for our complete objectivity and lack of bias.

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