Audit Conclusion

The Fifth and Final Step To Better Life Insurance


Is your policy sufficient to pay off substantial estate taxes and still provide for your children and spouse? Will it cover the expenses that you didn’t anticipate when you bought the policy – education, new dependents, higher income replacement?Our comprehensive proven process answers these questions and more during the final step, our audit conclusion:

  • Our senior-level experts personally review action items with you at your convenience: which option you’d like to pursue and how you’d like to move forward. Remember, nine of every ten clients find better life insurance options through our audit process.
  • Should you choose to pursue modifications through us, your audit is free.
  • Should you choose to pursue modifications through us, we plan the entire process and guide you every step of the way: scheduling medical testing, interfacing with our underwriters, ensuring that test results are correctly interpreted and overseeing modified policy development. During this step, we also review other options for beneficial modifications, such as policy ownership and beneficiary designations.
  • Should you choose to pursue policy modifications through us, you also receive annual audit updates for free. We offer an exclusive renewal program that notifies clients when it’s time to conduct a new audit. We automatically send out the necessary forms and check in personally to follow up.
  • If we find you have the absolute best life insurance coverage, we congratulate you wholeheartedly and bow out gracefully. No sales pitch, no pressure of any kind. With your permission, we contact you periodically in the future about initiating a new audit process.

Come to the right conclusions.

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