Audit Planning

The First Step Toward Better Life Insurance Coverage


You purchased your policy because you expected and needed real financial benefits. Is your policy delivering as promised? Or will your premiums unexpectedly jump to exorbitant levels without warning? While returning far less value than you expected?

It’s a number that we keep coming back to because it’s so beneficial for our clients: nine of every ten audits recommend changes that improve your life insurance. Lowering your premiums. Increasing cash value. Getting more for the same premium. Defusing silent problems that could destroy your policy. If we don’t recommend changes, you get considerable peace of mind knowing you have the absolute best life insurance possible. That’s one of the best no lose propositions you can find.


An Unbiased Expert Review

Our proven process sorts it all out for you with no risk, little effort on your part, complete confidentiality and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. And we’re legendary for our complete objectivity and lack of bias. Our audits are free of allegiances to particular brokers or insurance companies. We’re also renowned for our industry smarts and underwriting creativity – most audits can’t come close to our impressive results and actionable recommendations.

Our comprehensive five-step process starts with Audit Planning:

  • We discuss your policies, qualify you for the audit, review costs and send you a number of forms that help us move ahead: an easy application, Limited Power of Attorney and a compliant HIPAA Authorization. We help you complete these necessary forms.
  • We discuss how long the audit will likely take to complete, what types of information we require and how we obtain your current policy information. We usually need to contact your health care providers to obtain medical information.
  • We discuss the many measures we take to safeguard your privacy and confidentiality.
  • We talk about possible audit outcomes and review our qualifications. Rest assured: we’re the best in the business and we’ll show you exactly why.

Ready to start the easy five-step process to better life insurance?

A recent Genworth life insurance study reveal that 40 percent of Americans who have life insurance don’t think they have enough*

* Source: Genworth LifeJacket Study, 2011, research conducted with University of Virginia.

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