Should You Modify Your Life Insurance to Meet Your Needs?

Should You Change Your Life Insurance to Meet Your Needs?

This one is a foregone conclusion – yes, you should consider modifying your life insurance to meet your needs. It’s almost certain that your needs have changed since you purchased your policy – you’ve aged, you became CEO, your kids moved out, you now receive impressive year-end bonuses. Let’s explore the many options for tailoring policies to your needs now, options that weren’t available when your policies were originally written but could now lower premiums, boost cash value and provide more certainty.

Your needs change in so many ways, making an audit essential:

  • You have more wealth.
  • You purchased your life insurance when your kids were still home and now they’re independent.
  • You have less money.
  • You purchased life insurance to provide death benefits but now need retirement income instead.
  • You’ve done very well, so you need higher death benefits to accommodate higher estate taxes.
  • You know big changes are coming for you, and you aren’t sure if your life insurance will keep up.
  • You haven’t thought about your policies in years, much less considered whether they meet your needs now.


It’s a fact: our unbiased audits identify beneficial changes for ninety percent of our clients. The other ten percent get the peace of mind that their coverage provides for their lives today.

We’re betting you’re in the ninety percent, like this client who acted on an audit option and:

  • Transferred, tax-free, several whole life policies with death benefits to new policies that provided an abundant stream of retirement income while also dropping loan costs from eight percent to zero.

Pick up the phone and take that bet. It’s ninety percent sure to pay off.

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