Is Your Life Insurance Company Financially Strong and Stable?

When you purchased your policies, your insurance carrier got a snapshot in time of your fitness and wellbeing. You also got a picture of your insurance company’s vitality. You’re still in the pink of health.

How does your insurance company feel?

Your policies may fit you in every way – cash value accumulation, premium amounts, loan terms – but it’s possible that the insurance company underwriting them:

• Isn’t financially healthy.
• Has been sold to a private equity firm and you’re a very conservative investor who isn’t comfortable with that transfer.
• Is so strapped that state regulators are poised to step in. Meanwhile, you don’t have any inkling your carrier is in trouble.

It’s also possible that your policy coverage amounts exceed what your state will cover if your provider goes belly up.

Find out now with no risk and very little effort on your part. Our expert, unbiased audits review every aspect of your current life insurance coverage including your carrier’s financial prospects. Further, when we find new options for better coverage – as we do for nine of every ten clients – we always evaluate the long-term financial health of the companies underwriting those options.

Sleep better when you evaluate your insurance companies health.