A Gap in the Industry

Insurance Companies Don’t Automatically Review Policies

We find better life insurance policies for nine out of every 10 clients. Five of those clients asked us prior to the audit, “won’t my life insurance agent call me if there’s something better out there?”

In a word, no.

We adore agents and we work with these talented people daily. But auditing existing life insurance policies just isn’t in their make-up and it’s not something they’re evaluated for at the office. First, many agents are tied to life insurance companies, so their options for better coverage are limited to their own products. Second, their biggest priority is finding coverage for people who don’t have any life insurance at all.

Meanwhile, your expensive policy languishes. And changes. And takes the place that could be occupied by better coverage for the same money or the same coverage for less. Our independent audits fill this industry gap.

Don’t call your agent. Call our expert auditors, who have access to all the providers and insurance products.



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