Is the Policy Performing as Expected

Is Your Life Insurance Policy Performing as Expected?

When you purchased your policy, you and your agent operated on a set of assumptions. There’s no shame in that – life insurance wouldn’t exist without educated guesses about what the future holds. Further, your broker chose among a limited set of life insurance policy offerings, fitting his company’s products to your needs. That expertise served you well for a time.

But you and your life insurance policies have matured and now we know how some of those assumptions panned out. One assumption didn’t materialize: interest rates dropped drastically and remain at record lows, so they almost certainly are not funding your policy the way you expected. The life insurance industry has changed, too: it now offers policies that carry more certainty and provide new benefits, yet still often perform better than what you now have.

The only way to know if your life insurance is performing as expected is to audit them and see if real concrete alternatives could improve financial performance. Without an audit, your policies could:

  • Drop their cash value to zero and lapse without warning.
  • Have unforeseen tax consequences – or not deliver the tax relief you expected.
  • Put far less of your money into valuable investments and more toward servicing your policy.
  • Give you little financial flexibility and borrowing power.
  • Be earning much less than they should – merely because better options are now available and you just don’t know it.

With an audit, you could be modifying your policy to pay off handsomely like one of our clients.

Is your policy the investment you thought it would be? Or is it wasting your money? Let’s find out together.

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