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New Opportunities for Private Placement Policy Modifications

Among the exceptionally affluent, life circumstances and net worth often change dramatically over time. Does your private placement insurance still suit your finances and achieve the right goals? Has it been skillfully structured to protect the right investments? Are you paying too much for too little coverage?

Our private placement audits could reveal exceptional opportunities to protect more of your assets while providing extraordinary tax benefits. We’re very skilled at uncovering new options to modify your coverage, including options to shield even hard-to-protect assets like fine arts. We also collaborate with offshore insurance companies that offer flexible underwriting and very cost-effective terms.

We tailor our proven, unbiased process to each private placement client and his or her advisors, taking plenty of time to understand assets and goals. We’re experts at reviewing and structuring these policies while interfacing with state and federal securities regulators. If we recommend changes, we guide you through every step of the process, including qualifying your net worth and meeting other eligibility criteria required by securities regulations.

As always, we safeguard your privacy and confidentiality throughout the process.

Has your private placement policy kept up with your assets? Let’s find out:

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