surveying the policy(ies)

The Second Step Toward Better Life Insurance


You survived the market crash. But did your life insurance policy? It can take two, five, even 10 years for the investments to completely dry up, but your policy value could be trickling away right now in silence.Let’s plug the leak. Our audits identify problems and find better life insurance options for nine of every ten clients. Can we reduce your premiums, increase cash value or get far more coverage for the same premium? Or will you be in the ten percent who sleeps better knowing you have the best possible coverage?

Our comprehensive five-step process continues with surveying the policies:

  • We obtain all policy documentation from you, copy everything and return it to you promptly: the policy itself, ancillary materials like illustrations and riders, annual statements and any other paperwork that helps us develop a detailed picture of your current coverage.
  • We discuss your needs now, your future goals, your current lifestyle and financial situation, dependent considerations and much more. This information is key to evaluating your current policies and shaping our recommendations.
  • Authorized by the forms you’ve already completed for us, we reach out to all your insurance providers to obtain complete information about your policies.
  • Authorized by the forms you’ve already completed for us, we reach out to your medical team to obtain medical information. We’re the best in the business at ensuring your medical results are correctly interpreted to yield the very best life insurance options.
  • At all times, we protect your confidentiality and private information.

No other company gets more complete information than we do about how to improve your life insurance policy. Call today to begin the process.


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