The Findings

The Fourth Step Toward Better Life Insurance

When you purchased your policy, you saw rosy visions of big returns and healthy dividends in your future. Have increased age, higher insurance costs and challenged financial markets cast a gray pall of low cash value and increasing premiums? Step four of our proven five-step process reveals the true picture and, for nine of every ten audit clients, recommends multiple restoration techniques.

Our comprehensive process continues when we present our findings:

  • Our comprehensive report is tailored specifically for you, expertly prepared and easy to understand. We pack it full of useful information, detailed analysis of your current coverage and our prioritized recommendations for alternative policies.
  • Our detailed financial charts show you exactly what your alternative coverage options are: premiums, returns, dividend options, death benefit amounts, guarantees and cash value trends as you age. We provide at least three ranked options.
  • If our audit finds that you don’t need any policy modifications, the report is concrete evidence that you have the very best life insurance for your needs over the next year.
  • We review the audit findings together, with our senior level experts answering any questions you may have.

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen so many options for lower premiums, higher cash value and more guarantees. Get the true picture by calling.

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