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“I finally understand my life insurance policies!”

According to the LIMRA organization, 70 percent of Americans fail a basic 10-question quiz about life insurance*. That’s just one of the many reasons why it’s smart to get expert advice and learn more about your coverage.

Clients say that understanding their policies is a big benefit of our audits. Most important, we make sure your life insurance works hard for you, to take care of both your current and future goals. We’re affiliated with you – not with any particular life insurance company. We are experts in your policies – and when you audit with us, you will be, too.

Ready to start learning now? We’ve defined some common life insurance industry lingo in plain language:

Better yet, learn about your own life insurance and whether it fits your life and goals now.

* LIMRA’s 2012 report, “Closing the Insurance Gap: One Household at a Time.”

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