Who is Policyaudits.com?

Revolutionizing the Audit Process: CPI Companies Inc.

Through Policyaudits.com, CPI Companies has revamped the life insurance policy audit process and identified better life insurance options for hundreds of clients. Three dynamic people – Ron Sussman, Tricia Pilone and Gary DeVicci® – started CPI Companies in 1991 and today are nationally recognized as leaders in the insurance industry. Not affiliated with any particular insurance company, CPI Companies acts as trusted brokers for all.

They created Policyaudits.com to fill an important gap in the industry for expert, impartial life insurance audits. Their proven five-step process has produced exceptional results for hundreds of clients. Every client takes advantage of one of the world’s best win-win scenarios: they either find a better performing, less expensive policy or the extraordinary peace of mind that comes from knowing they have the very best life insurance coverage.

Get that peace of mind yourself by starting the audit process.

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