why our policy audits are better

Our Audits are Superior. Your Life Insurance Can Be, Too

The LIMRA Association estimates that unmet life insurance needs in our country total $15.3 trillion*. Does your policy contribute to that astounding number?

We’re working hard to make sure our clients have the very best life insurance coverage and that starts with our expert, thorough audits. What makes our audits so exceptional?

  • We offer one of the best win-win propositions you can find: you either find a better-performing, less expensive policy or the priceless peace of mind knowing that you have the best coverage possible.
  • We not only analyze what you have, we tell you what’s possible based on the detailed in-depth knowledge we find out about you: your life now, your goals, your needs, why you purchased these policies in the first place. We might even discover your favorite meal and most cherished childhood memory.
  • We are entirely unbiased and working completely on your behalf. We’re not agents of any one company, we are brokers of all.
  • We fiercely protect your privacy and confidentiality, and have a number of stringent procedures in place to do so.
  • Our audit team is packed with leaders who have pioneered in the life insurance field. Some of the methods we developed are now standard in the industry.
  • We have unparalleled access to statistical data that informs our audit work on your behalf (extra bonus: we’ll share it with you). If you qualify for a particular new option, we know it and search out the best insurance company to make an offer.
  • Our numbers tell the story: we find better insurance options for ninety percent of our clients.
  • We’re renowned in the business for negotiating better policy terms than nearly any other company.
  • We’re legendary for helping people with circumstances that other companies won’t touch: medical problems and other health issues, for example.
  • If we can’t find options for improving your coverage, we congratulate you wholeheartedly and bow out gracefully. No sales pitch, no pressure of any kind.
  • If we do find options for improving your coverage and you pursue those options through us, you automatically receive future annual audits for free.

Need more evidence of our skill? Happy clients can take over from here. You could also call now and become a thrilled client yourself.

*LIMRA’s 2012 report, “Closing the Insurance Gap: One Household at a Time.”

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