Why Your Policy Needs Auditing

Finding Better Insurance Options for 90 Percent of Our Clients

Are you the same person you were years ago? Of course not. And nine times out of ten, your life insurance doesn’t fit the new you. It doesn’t cover your new business. It doesn’t account for your recent divorce – or your joyous marriage. It doesn’t protect your new investments. And we can almost guarantee the policy doesn’t fit the new interest rates, which just don’t properly fund those thousands of policies that were written in the go-go nineties.

Changes in your life, your situation, the financial markets – good or bad – have huge consequences on your life insurance:

  • Premiums suddenly jump thousands of dollars – as benefits drop by tens of thousands.
  • You don’t receive the premium relief you expected.
  • Guarantees aren’t guaranteed anymore – that expiration date was in the fine print.
  • Your policy is about to lapse because – happy surprise – most people today outlive their expected lifespans.
  • The policy’s cash value is slowly trickling away as you blithely and automatically pay annually – so you have little to show after investing years of expensive premiums.
  • You’d like to cash in your policy – but there are substantial surrender charges.

Will you be one of those clients? It’s statistically likely you will be and we identify far better insurance options for nine out of every ten clients:

  • Guaranteeing a premium and death benefit until age 120 – with a 20% lower premium payment for nearly the same policy face value. This modification also solved serious tax liabilities, allowing the client to freely withdraw or borrow against the cash value.
  • Finding a $10 million policy that provided better coverage with new guarantees– for less than 10 percent of the premium cost specified by the previous policy.
  • Finding new loan provisions that offer zero cost loans against cash value – instead of the stiff eight percent the previous policy stipulated.

Is your life insurance the investment it should be?