Do You Have the Wrong Coverage

Do You Have the Wrong Life Insurance Policies?

You bought a hefty policy years ago and put it in your safe deposit box or filed it with your attorney. Or your company bought a key-man policy and you’ve left the firm. Let’s get more general: are you the same person you were ten years ago? Of course not. This is particularly true for exceptionally affluent clients.

It’s very unlikely that your life insurance policies fit the life and goals and obligations that you have today. How many of these happened since you purchased your policy?

  • Your kids are independent now.
  • You sold your business- or bought a new one – since buying the policy.
  • Your elderly live-in relative passed away.
  • You don’t need this coverage anymore but aren’t sure if you should keep the policy as an investment.
  • You’re not sure you need life insurance at all.
  • You haven’t looked at your policy in years.

Ah, that last one fits nearly everybody. It’s a great reason to audit your policy and find out if you have the wrong coverage. For ninety percent of our clients, we find ways to modify their coverage to fit their goals and life today – while lowering premiums and providing better coverage.

The other ten percent get powerful peace of mind knowing they have the absolute right coverage for their lives and loved ones. Which percentage do you fall into?

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